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“Though many lean purists believe that technology systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) are incompatible with the discipline, nothing could be further from the truth. Lean involves continuously wringing waste out of every process. As such, lean strategies help manufacturers and other companies become as efficient as possible, to save money and boost productivity. Lean production concepts can be implemented without ERP (or other types of technology systems), just as ERP can be implemented without lean. Though lean production can certainly be undertaken without technology, for most manufacturers today, that is not realistic. Today, that is just as likely to mean ERP and lean working together without skipping a beat.”

- TechTarget

Geoprise Technologies Expertise

Geoprise Technologies concentrates its expertise in three practice areas: strategy and operations, product lifecycle management and information technology.

Strategy and operations

Our strategy and operations capabilities include:

•  Lean operations

•  Industrial site selection

•  Information technology strategy

Product lifecycle management

Our product lifecycle management capabilities include:

•  Product design (CAD)

•  Manufacturing process management (MPM)

•  Product data management (PDM)

Information technology

Our information technology capabilities include:

•  Computer systems analysis and design

•  Software package implementation

•  Computer systems validation

•  Computer software development and testing

•  Project management