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“Businesses have begun to engage in increasingly sophisticated uses of information and communication technology. In such firms, B2C and B2B e-commerce are components of an overall e-business strategy. External relations as well as internal processes are being linked. Marketing and sales, logistics and delivery, after-sales service, supply chain management and other business functions are integrated in an overall e-business strategy.

“E-business tools cannot be successfully introduced and implemented without the visionary power and strategic decisions about how to apply information and communication technology for business processes.”


GM-X General Features

GM-X is a robust, enterprise-class application suite that meets the needs of individual companies as well as multi-company enterprises, and delivers advanced multi-language, multi-currency, role-based access, workflow and audit trail capabilities that far surpass those of comparable software offerings.

Multi-organization [top]

•  Supports single or multiple client organizations

•  Client organizations can trade with one another, just as they trade with external parties

•  Internal users can be assigned to a single client organization

•  Supports internal super users providing shared services to all organizations

Multi-language [top]

•  Screens and reports can be translated into any language you choose

•  Each user may be assigned a language preference

•  Keeps all translatable data in any language, and many languages

•  Translatable data include names, descriptions, addresses and contacts

Multi-currency [top]

•  Supports all ISO 4217 currency codes

•  Each client organization can operate in its own functional currency

•  Multi-currency product prices

•  Multi-currency feature prices

•  Multi-currency discounts, allowances and surcharges

•  Amounts in quote, purchase order, sales order or invoicing currency

•  Automatic conversion to functional currency

•  Currency-specific rounding rules

Role-based access [top]

•  Allows any number of suitable roles to be defined for the enterprise

•  Internal and external users are assigned to one or more of the available roles

•  Each role can perform only the tasks appropriate for the job function

•  Conforms to enterprise segregation of duties (SOD) policies

•  Affects the menu and navigation options available to each user (screen-level security)

•  Affects the fields that are visible to each user on screens and reports (field-level security)

•  Affects if visible fields are read-only, or read/write for each user

Workflow subsystem [top]

•  Activity-based workflow instantly routes work to the right users

•  Allows any number of workflow processes to be configured for the enterprise

•  Supports sequential, parallel and conditional activity routings

•  Activity routings can pass through internal organizations and external trading partners

•  Each workflow process has a starting task, and its activities are linked to other tasks

•  Automatically creates new workflow process cases when the starting task is completed

•  Tracks the current status of each case through the activity routing from start to finish

•  Automatically enables each activity as soon as all its predecessors are finished

•  Automatically alerts users when an activity is enabled

•  Enforces role-based access by alerting only users who are allowed to perform the activity

•  Users choose enabled activities from their Home Page instead of hunting through menus

•  Allows activities to be performed automatically by the GM-X system in background

•  A background activity can be executed immediately, as soon as it is enabled

•  Alternatively, a background activity can be enabled after its deadline expires

•  Allows administrators to monitor the status of cases and re-assign overdue activities

Audit subsystem [top]

•  Automatically tracks all database changes by user and task

•  Automatically tracks document views by user and task

•  Retains before-and-after snapshot of each database insertion, modification or deletion

•  Provides standard audit trail listings and enquiry screens

•  The GM-X application cannot alter the audit trail history