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“Businesses have begun to engage in increasingly sophisticated uses of information and communication technology. In such firms, B2C and B2B e-commerce are components of an overall e-business strategy. External relations as well as internal processes are being linked. Marketing and sales, logistics and delivery, after-sales service, supply chain management and other business functions are integrated in an overall e-business strategy.

“E-business tools cannot be successfully introduced and implemented without the visionary power and strategic decisions about how to apply information and communication technology for business processes.”


GM-X Application Suite

GM-X from Geoprise Technologies is a Web application suite that addresses the ever-growing need to transact business beyond the confines of traditional offices and facilities. It is a robust supply chain trading execution system that leverages our clients’ legacy applications to enable business operations anywhere in the world at top speed, reliability and efficiency.

What is a trading execution system?

We define a trading execution system for supply chains as: an application that enables businesses to efficiently and cost-effectively send and receive electronic requests, orders and invoices for services or products delivered from stock or made to order, reliably and as promised, across a network of collaborative trading relationships.

Gaps between external operations and internal systems are growing

The proliferation of e-commerce, e-procurement and supply chain tracking via the Internet is exponentially increasing the complexity of joining-up external operations with mission-critical internal systems, many of which were designed and built long ago to meet the needs of closed organizational silos. Replacing these internal systems is both expensive and risky.

GM-X bridges the gaps between external operations and internal systems

GM-X solves the problem without requiring businesses to replace their internal systems:

•  Integrates product data management and Web content management

•  Tracks and audits 3PL, in-transit, consignment, field and trunk stock

•  Manages trading relationships with customers, suppliers, 3PLs and contract manufacturers

•  Provides self-service portal for external trading partners

•  Manages electronic exchange of requirements, RFPs, RFQs and quotations

•  Issues and tracks supplier and contract manufacturing purchase orders

•  Receives, tracks, fulfills and invoices customer orders

•  Tracks shipments and deliveries of materials and finished goods

•  Manages project scheduling and tracks project execution

•  Monitors work effort and tracks schedules, timesheets and expenses

•  Automatically monitors quality, availability and on-time delivery performance