The GM-X Alert subsystem supports document management and entity-based workflow for collaborative order-to-bill, procure-to-order and project execution processes.

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Document management

  • Supports multiple document sources and format (PDF, word, spreadsheet, drawing)
  • Optionally accesses external Web sites and applications
  • Optionally accesses documents stored in folders and subfolders
  • Allows any number of versions for each document
  • Supports effective and discontinue dates for each document
  • Allows any number of languages for each document
  • Supports document, folder and subfolder upload
  • Supports document access by role
  • Tracks document views by user

Document workflow

  • Automatically routes documents for approval using the GM-X workflow engine
  • Supports document approvals by e-signature
  • Optionally supports document approvals using two-factor authentication (TFA)