GM-X ERP for Blockchain is the first solution of its kind to enhance mutual trust and security among trading partners by incorporating proven blockchain and encryption technologies.

As enterprises face increasing pressure to gain competitive advantages through enhanced business-to-business collaboration, the rapidly accelerating incidence of catastrophic security breaches affecting enterprises of all sizes across all industries is drawing urgent attention to the security vulnerabilities of existing IT infrastructure and applications. As these attacks grow ever more frequent and sophisticated, “hardening” existing systems has become a never-ending, costly and ultimately futile effort. Businesses and consumers no longer trust the patchwork approach to adequately protect their information assets.

Blockchain, a disruptive technology which has emerged only within the past decade, is one of the most heavily tested and secured technologies in the world. Its core technology is now as provably secure as it is possible for anything to be.

Traditional centralized systems and databases are vulnerable to data corruption as well as data theft risks. That's because anyone with sufficient credentials can alter the contents of a database without leaving a trace. Blockchain technology makes this impossible.

Geoprise Technologies is the first software house in the world to step forward with a pragmatic solution to leverage this new technology for the benefit of supply chains, which are the core focus of most ERP systems.

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