GM-X Finance is the world's first enterprise-grade financial package that you can use on your smartphone ... and it runs on a blockchain for absolute security.

The GM-X General Ledger subsystem provides formal ledgers for financial reporting with debit and credit account records validated by a trial balance.

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Key General Ledger Features

  • Multi-company with optional organizational rollup
  • Multi-currency
  • Unlimited groupings and hierarchies with interactive account balance rollup in real time
  • Perpetual general ledger
  • Interactive, real-time account balance enquiry by any time frame and range of accounts
  • Multiple fiscal periods may remain open simultaneously
  • Supports budget entry, compares actual to budget, and calculates variances as amounts and percentages 
  • Integrated with GM-X Blockchain subsystem for absolute security
  • Fully integrated with GM-X PartyAccounts ReceivableAccounts PayableFixed AssetsInventoryInvoiceOrderProjectShipmentWork EffortAudit and Workflow subsystems

Charts of Accounts

  • Multiple standard charts of accounts
  • Multiple companies can use the same standard chart of accounts
  • Supports up to 40 account segments
  • Account number format rules
  • Account number up to 40 significant digits
  • Account descriptions in multiple languages

Fiscal Calendars

  • Multiple standard fiscal calendars
  • Multiple companies can use the same fiscal calendar
  • Supports Gregorian year, fiscal year or fiscal week (4/4/5, 4/5/4, 5/4/4) calendars
  • For 4/4/5, 4/5/4 or 5/4/4 calendars, the day of the week when fiscal periods always end can be specified (‘Saturday’, for example)
  • For 4/4/5, 4/5/4 or 5/4/4 calendars, the ending date of each fiscal year can be based on the last day of the week in the final month of the year (‘last Saturday of August’, for example) or the day of the week that is nearest the end of the final month (‘the Saturday nearest the last day of August’, for example)
  • Audit period

Journal Entries

  • Option to park journal entries until complete
  • Allows posting of statistical quantities as well as monetary amounts
  • Unit of measure conversions for statistics
  • Option to post journal entry batches in background
  • Journal entry reversal
  • Unpost journal entry
  • Copy journal entry, or move to a different fiscal period
  • Standing journal entries
  • Journal entry templates for GM-X subsystems
  • Drill-down from journal entries directly to invoices, revaluations, settlements, fixed asset transactions, orders, return material authorizations, inventory movements, projects, timesheets and employee expense reports 
  • Flexible journal entry status configuration in multiple languages
  • Workflow-driven journal entry review and approval processes using GM-X Workflow subsystem

Periodic Processing

  • Recurring journal entries
  • General ledger allocations and waterfall allocations
  • Currency translation
  • Automates exchange rate retrieval from any standards-compliant currency information service
  • Flexible multi-company consolidation

Reporting and Analytics

  • Trial balance extract to spreadsheet
  • Extract account balances to spreadsheet
  • Extract account balance movement details to spreadsheet
  • Extract consolidated balances to spreadsheet
  • Extract journal entry details to spreadsheet
  • Extract exchange rates to spreadsheet
  • Extract chart of accounts to spreadsheet
  • Extract fiscal periods to spreadsheet