The GM-X Survey subsystem allows organizations to flexibly design and securely administer surveys for any purpose; for example supplier qualification, customer feedback, internal risk assessments, performance reviews, learning needs assessments, IT service management and more.

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Survey setup

  • Supports any number of user-definable survey types for an organization
  • Supports any number of survey campaigns — each campaign is assigned to a survey type, is conducted between specific starting and ending dates and times, and has a current status 
  • Supports any number of default prompts to be defined for each survey
  • Allows each survey to have any number of sections (groups of questions) presented to respondents in the sequence defined by the survey administrator
  • Allows each section to have any number of questions presented to respondents in the sequence defined by the survey administrator
  • Ability to author free-format question text
  • Ability to assign any of the survey's default prompts to a question
  • Ability to author optional free-format advice text providing further information or instructions for respondents
  • Supports multiple answer types including free-format text (such as respondent comments), multiple-choice, Likert scale (multiple-choice with weighting factors) and numeric
  • Supports the definition of matrix (grouped) questions including forced ranking and optional selection
  • Allows survey administrators to define a required minimum value and an optional maximum value for numeric answer types
  • Allows survey administrators to define allowable answer options for multiple-choice, Likert scale, forced ranking and optional selection questions
  • Allows survey administrators to choose the preferred Web control presented to respondents for multiple-choice questions (dropdown list, multi-dropdown list, vertical or horizontal radio group, vertical or horizontal multi check boxes)
  • Supports any number of risk status types for an organization, and assignment of risk status to each question
  • Answers to multiple-choice questions can be set up to jump automatically to a later section, skipping over all intermediate questions
  • Option to author default prompts, question text, advice text and answer options in multiple languages for any survey 
  • New survey campaigns can be quickly created by copying, and optionally modifying, an existing survey's sections, questions and answer options
  • All surveys are presented to respondents automatically at run time — no need for survey administrators to create custom forms

Survey approval and status

  • Supports any number of user-definable status types for survey campaigns such as pending, approved, rejected, in progress, on hold, cancelled, completed
  • Integrates with the GM-X Workflow subsystem for review, approval, follow-up action and changing the status of pending survey campaigns before and after they are administered
  • To protect data integrity, surveys cannot be modified after a survey campaign's current status is no longer pending
  • Maintains a complete history of all survey campaign status changes

Survey administration

  • Option to administer anonymous survey campaigns
  • Integrates with the GM-X Party subsystem to identify and invite prospective survey respondents
  • Option to copy previous invitees when copying an existing survey to create a new campaign
  • Supports the creation of email templates for survey invitations and reminders
  • Sends survey invitations by email — respondents can click a link embedded in the email message to take the survey
  • Respondents can take surveys using smartphone or tablet devices as well as PCs
  • Surveys to be taken by a respondent automatically appear in the respondent's ToDo List until completed
  • Option to bypass GM-X user logon screen (single sign-on) for personally-identifiable survey campaigns
  • Option to send reminder emails to prospective respondents who have not yet answered the survey (not available for anonymous survey campaigns)
  • Guides respondents through survey sections and questions in the sequence and using the options selected during survey setup
  • Default prompts, question text, advice text and answer options are displayed in the respondent's language (optional; not available for anonymous survey campaigns)
  • Maintains survey completion status for each respondent — answers cannot be changed after the respondent marks the survey complete 
  • Prevents the same respondent from taking the same survey multiple times (anonymous and personally-identifiable survey campaigns)
  • Does not allow respondents to take a survey before the campaign starts or after it ends

Survey review

  • Tracks answers given by each survey respondent
  • Allows survey administrators to review answers and indicate the validity status of each answer
  • Administrators can review but cannot change survey answers
  • Option to assign ownership of a survey campaign to specific organizations or departments to protect confidentiality — the campaign and its answers are visible only to personnel assigned to the owner organization or department 

Reporting and analysis

  • Allows tabulation of answers received from a survey campaign in comma-separated values (CSV) format, suitable for use in spreadsheet applications
  • User-definable column selection for tabulations
  • Up to 25 columns of data available for tabulations
  • Each user's column selections can be saved for future use