Our clients rely on Geoprise Technologies expertise in lean operations, industrial site selection and information technology to develop and execute their global business strategies.

Lean operations

Geoprise Technologies has many years of experience applying lean manufacturing principles and techniques to improve process efficiencies, reduce cycle times and minimize inventories:

  • Value stream mapping
  • Analyses of takt times, actual cycle times, value-added time and process efficiencies
  • Rhythm sequence analyses to minimize changeover times
  • Safety stock and inventory replenishment level analyses over extended supply networks
  • Total productive maintenance (TPM) and analysis of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Continuous improvement (kaizen) programs

Industrial site selection

We assist clients who are seeking to expand the geographic scope of their operations by performing studies such as:

  • Comparative sourcing, pricing, tax and duty analyses for input materials
  • Logistics cost analyses and supply network optimization
  • Land and facilities availability studies
  • Labor market analyses
  • Cost-benefit analyses and site selection recommendations

Information technology strategy

Geoprise Technologies develops information technology strategies and related investment plans that are driven by business strategies and key operational requirements:

  • Identification of business strategies and requirements
  • Assessments of current application and infrastructure environments
  • Evaluation of emerging information technology trends and opportunities
  • Formulation of the future information technology vision
  • Identification of future investment required to realize the vision
  • Cost-benefit analyses and information technology investment recommendations